Yesterday I took some time to bottle some peaches. It was my very first time to do that :)
I hope it worked! Also harvested some physalis of a plant my father gifted me last weekend. Do you like physalis? I love them! It is such a special taste. In the first picture: my glutenfree pancake with roasted plums.
I get so much mail lately – it feels like Birthday! Please be so kind to give me some more time to reply as there still are so many things that have to be done on the house. The days are just too short at the moment. Enjoy this beautiful autumn!


querido diário said...

:) i love physalis <3

cococita said...

How I love that sticker on your wall.
Enjoy every single second of your new life Claudia!

Helen said...

mmm peaches!

claire said...

Lol - I didn't notice your wall sticker until reading Cococita's comment. How lovely. And the fruit looks good too, although I often find physalis a bit tasteless sadly.


Katyha said...

how wonderful to have a very full mailbox :)

hope you are enjoying yourself and your new home.

Have a lovely weekend

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

what a delicious post! :)
enjoy your weekend!

Sandra Dunn said...

i have never heard of physalis...
it's very pretty.
we love you, hence all the mail. :)