Evening walk

What a busy time... Sunny got sick again, I was worrying so much about him :(
We had to find a new vet and luckily found a really nice one, one who doesn't only quickly prescribe pills, but really tries to find out how to help in long term. Today I managed to make a little evening walk to explore the surrounding. It got quite cold here, I already heat the tiled stove every day. I found these wild pretty physalis pants not far from our home. What a pretty bright color!


cococita said...

Those physalis are one of my favourite plants. To me, they are like a symbol for autumn.
Truly hope that Sunny feels better soon: good to know that you found a competent vet.
I put the central heating on today as it's rather cold here as well ... Hope you have enough warmth from that adorable stove.
Enjoy the beautiful area where you are living now and especially the walks!

querido diário said...

Hope Sunny gets better real soon******

i never saw red physalis before,they are beautiful and seem like a wrapped up present from Nature <3

coco said...

i hope sunny recoers quickly and start jumping in around your. it is always nice to see him next to you. claudia, i am really loving your new house and neighborhood. it is such a lovely eye treat for me.
another weekend is here. have a beautiful weekend.

Sandra Dunn said...

hey, did the vet find out what was wrong with sunny? I hate when my baby chichi gets sick. they are so fragile sometimes. i'm so nervous with the snakes lately, claudia! i even called to see if i could get him an anti-venom shot from my vet.
i pray strength for your little one.

Alicia said...

What a big leaf!
I hope Sunny will get well soon.

Mi Joya said...

Your mail arrived Claudia! Thank you so much!
Give Sunny a hug from me x

kassiopaia said...

Wilde Physalis habe ich bisher immer nur außerhalb von deutschland gesehen, aber noch nie hier. Da muss ich wohl mal in Österreich spazieren gehen. :)

Gute Besserung für Sunny!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@cococita: Yes, the orange bright color screams Autumn to me, too :) At the moment it works fine with the stove, but I am not sure how it will be when snow is outside though. Let's hope the best!

@Querido diario: Thank you, I hope so as well! Haha, yes, you are right - what a lovely compare!

@coco: :) I hope so too! Happy that you like the house! I still keep some seeds you sent me, that I was not able to grow in the flat. I hope they will be still good in spring, I'm excited to try them out!

@Sandra: Actually it is a long story. He had an operation when he was little (more little than now :) because of recurrent abscesses, it was no easy time and after the operation it was fine for some time, but because of the treatments (antibiotics) he seems to develop a weak digestive system with pain and inflammations. We try to build up his gut flora now. Also he is not very stress resistant and this seems to cause an upset stomach also. I think the move was also a big thing. So many new situations. I can imagine really good how you must worry about the snakes catching Zody! Chihuahuas are so curious also, Sunny would go even closer when he spots a snake to see what it is. I hope it won't ever happen that you need that anti-venom shot! But I understand that you want one at home in case!

@Alicia: Yes,it was huge! Thank you!

@Mi joya: So fast! I'm happy that it arrived! I will hug him tight! :)

@kassiopaia: Ich muss sagen ich habe bisher auch noch nie beim Spazieren gehen wilde Physalis gesehen! Drum musste ich gleich Fotos machen :)
Danke für die Besserungswünsche!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

i hope sunny is better now.
beautiful nature around you!

Sandra Dunn said...

Thank you for sharing about Sunny. How do you build good gut for them? I'd like to do that for Zo.
And Zo is not so much curious, as just plain innocent... ha ha

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Sandra: At the moment he gets some gastric protection gel before eating - it is pretty much the same that humans get when their stomach is upset, I had to take the same in the past already. But he gets a tiny tiny dose. Then he does not get any cereal which is sadly often mixed in most dog food. And he gets probiotic powder and I give him some liquid colostrum every day to boost his immune system. Let's see how it goes, I hope it will work for the long term.

Anna @sweet life said...

My grandmother used to have physalis like that in her garden. So beautiful, brings back memories for me :) I really hope Sunny will get better soon, I'm thinking about you! Lots of love!