Cherry dress

Only in nature I realize how small I am.
– – – – –
Yesterday I finally was wearing my cherry dress the first time. To my birthday in March I got a gift voucher from my friend Irina and I kept it long time, because I could not decide what to buy myself. In the end I got myself this pretty cherry dress. It has exactly the right pattern - very comfortable and still feminine. I simply love it! Unfortunately I tend to keep the clothes I love the most always far too long in my closet ;)
– – – – –
Oh, and I have finally Instagram! I always wanted to use it, but did not want a smart phone.
I still have no smart phone, but signed in my bf's phone to be able to use it :)
I only uploaded one picture yet, but I already feel it will be addictive :D


Anna said...

You looks so beautiful with this dress!!
I'm going to join your IG!!
Happy friday!

Stefanie Seltner said...

total süß, passt so gut zu dir!
time is now
x Stefanie

Helen said...

Lovely dress and this is such a sweet outside space with the trees so close to the patio

Mi Joya said...

Love the dress!
I always do that too! Keep the clothes i love the most in my closet for special occasions, it's a shame cause we should wear them most of all if they make us feel good :)
Oh yay for instagram! I'll add you! And it's very addictive...

kreativnired said...

i lik the dress! and your hairstyle.

coco said...

you look very lovely in that cherry dress and i like to see you
enjoying your backyard and ground floor like i do.
have a beautiful weekend.

Lisa said...

Aah, you're so cute in that dress! And you're very pretty with the braid, I wish I could do this in my hair too :)

I also have an instagram account but no smartphone, so it's more to look at other people's pictures... As long as my old cellphone works I'm not planning on buying a smartphone. I'm still smart enough without it :D

querido diário said...

It's a beautiful dress :D

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

your cherry dress is lovely claudia!
i am going to add you in instagram right now!

kassiopaia said...

Ich dachte erst, du hast eine Katze auf dem Arm. Shame on me. ;)
Aber Sunny würde ich glaube ich auch dauernd durchwuscheln wie meine zwei Kater. Die perfekte Wuschelgröße haben diese kleinen Dinger. :)

kassiopaia said...

PS: Und das Kleid ist auch ganz herzallerliebst!

Diogo Silva said...

your last picture is SO lovely!
let me say that, you have a beautiful blog and I think that you will be a person with a lot of talent :-) cheers!

yoojin said...

Love the pictures! :) You look so lovely in that dress!! :)
Haha, that's the same reason I also don't have Instagram yet, as I don't want to own a smart phone. ;) I normally use my husband's phone to use WhatsApp with friends. ;)