Snail mail July

All these pretty cards and gifts are from Lily! She has been on a trip to Ireland, a place on my holiday wish list! Someday I have to count all the birdies she sent me in the last years :) On the last picture you can see a fabric scarf that she also made herself. Isn't it great?! Thank you so much!
This packages is from cococita - she sent me a lot of inspiration material and this cute hedgehog card :)
Thank you!
And last but not least, a card that made me smile a lot, because it comes all the way from America, but the image looks like it was taken in some place of Lower Austria where I grew up :)
Thank you, Sandra, I also got the cute Tody card yesterday, but will keep it for the August snail mail post :)


Mi Joya said...

Yay! Mail! Happy!!

Suzanne said...

J'aime beaucoup les dessins.
suzanne d'Orléans.

querido diário said...

What a great snail mail month!