Some sketchbook pages that I haven't posted here yet.
– – – – –
Yesterday we had record heat in our country. Never ever it was that hot since they note down temperatures. I felt rather bad and nearly collapsed. Today it will be only 34 degrees! Oh yes!!!
Happy Friday to you all!


Anna said...

temperature is similar here, but the whole summer ...;)

Mi Joya said...

Oh my!! So hot!
Temperatures dropped here, and i don't mind! Working in that heat isn't healthy!
Don't forget to drink a lot of water!! ;-)

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

i like the third drawing a lot!
the heat makes me feel kind of sick too...
and it continues...
it's good that you have lower temperature today.
wish you a cooler weekend!

Sandra Dunn said...

Love your sketchbook pages!

climate change is wild! we are having cooler temps and rain - which soooo unusual for our state!

have a wonderful weekend!

querido diário said...

More than 30ºc is not human anymore,i get in lizard mode,on the shadow waiting for the heat to go away aahah.
Hope you are feeling better now!