It's now two years ago that Lotte sent me plant cuttings of the plant in the second and third picture. This summer it is really growing like crazy, you can almost watch it while growing. I hope that my plants will survive the move! Some of them are not easy to transport. When I think of my monstera for example!
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Because putting seeds in a separate flowerpot and waiting for them to grow, mostly isn't working for me, I started to put seeds next to other plants and just forget about them. I did this with tangerine pits and some time ago with cotton seeds that Sandra sent me last December. Again I forgot about them and suddenly I spotted this strong young shoot. I'm curious how it will develop!
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Have a good weekend! Mine will be a very busy one again...
PS: My Elvis stamp is on Chez Tybounty's wish list :)


Anikó said...

you are right, this type of plant is a real grower! i have a variegated version of it hanging from the kitchen ceiling, and i keep twisting it back on itself as it grows, i guess it would be trailing along the floor if i didn't :) don't worry much about the monstera, in my experience they are robust enough to withstand some tossing around. my issue is the weight of the thing...you might have to wheel your monstera from where it is now with a sack truck type of thing, and if it doesn't have any support just put bamboo posts down the soil and tie it up for the transport. that should protect it i think. good luck with the busy weekend!

the Blue Rabbit House. said...

I'm amazing by how the seedling of Lotte has grown! I remember you got it from it and I actually forgot about it. Which makes the surprise even bigger when seeing how much the plant has grown!!

Did planting the tangerine seed work? I want a tangerine plant so badly. But I keep postponing buying one. So I might just try to grown one myself.

querido diário said...

i hope all your plants make to the new house,they are so healthy and big :)

most deserved feature,your stamps rock <3

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Aniko: Yes, mine reached the floor now, I wonder how long it would grow if I don't cut it back...yes! the weight of the monstera is also not unimportant, I can hardly carry it, I guess it will be the last move, I often wondered what people do when they have really huge monsteras and they want to move, i guess they have to cut it down. Thank you for your advice!

@The Blue Rabbit House: Yes, planting the tangerine seed worked, my plant is now over 50 cm, I have to make a new picture of it, but here is an old one:
You should definitely give it a try!

@Querido diario: Thank you! I appreciate that a lot!