The air smells like fall lately. This gives me such a comfortable feeling, even though it feels far too early. Are you a shower or a bath person? I am definitely a bath person!
As my tradescantia plant is growing like crazy this summer I decided to send some cuttings to Lovettes.
Luckily they recovered fast of the long travel via mail. 
Have a good Friday!


querido diário said...

Have a wonderful weekend Claudia!
i'm a bath person but alwaus end up in houses with not so big bathtubs...
your illustration is so pretty :)

Katyha said...

I love autumn! winter is also quickly warming up here. I am not too happy that summer is coming soon I am especially not looking forward to the hot weather but not much I can do :/

Hope your weekend is lovely :)

kreativnired said...

i don't have buth tub, so i'm forced to be shower person, LOL. :)

we're having autumn-like weather too. i like it.

Anna said...

pretty illustration
I'm a shower person
here no signs of fall..
happy friday Claudia!

Lovettes said...

Beautiful illustration! Love it!
I think that I'm a bath person..ice cold!
Thanks again for you cuttings.

Mi Joya said...

During workingdays there's no time for a relaxing bath, but in the weekend i absolutely prefer a bath!! Especially during cold winterdays :)

Lily said...

I need to wash my hair each morning - otherwise I would go Pumukllike to work. So I shower each day, but I can still remember how much fun the weekly bath day was during my youth. We will get a bathtube in some weeks and I think it will be great to take a warm bath after a cold day.