more postcards

How was your weekend?
Mine was really nice – we made a boat trip with lots of swimming.
I was too lazy to take pictures though ;)
This summer there will be a big change for my bf and me.
I will tell you soon about it, I am so excited!
Wish you a good start to the week!
Oh and before I forget, the test fabrics have arrived! Most of them turned out much better than I`ve expected. I will make some pictures for you soon!


Stefanie Seltner said...

die sind auch wieder so schön!
und jetzt bin ich aber neugierig...
x Stefanie

Helen said...

Love your prints, especially the one with the two girls holding hands upside down, very sweet

Swimming and a boat trip sounds amazing too!

querido diário said...

The weekend was quiet and now i'm trying to sit down and write some letters :)

Sandra Dunn said...

These postcards really rock!
I wish you blessings on these changes. I sense a certain change for me as well,,, I keep thinking about how it takes courage to change things our ourselves. There is also a lovely little saying that goes: Change always comes bearing gifts!