At the riverside

Yesterday the sun showed up and it was really hot, so we went to a river that was not affected by the floods. The water had not more than maybe 14 degrees, it felt like ice actually! A good Kneipp-cure :)
Sunny enjoyed it very much after the last weeks of rain. But it did not stay like that too long, another thunder storm showed up and we managed to get to the car just before the heavy rain came back.
Hope you had a some sun this weekend too!


Lovettes said...

looks like a perfect day :)

helensarahvaughan said...

that looks beautiful and tranquil

carnam ilinga said...

Sieht toll aus, so eine ruhige Ecke müssten wir hier auch mal finden :)
Danke für Dein liebes Kompliment zu meinem Bild!

Ganz liebe Grüße ♥

yoojin said...

Lovely pictures. :) We enjoyed the sun on our terrace too. :) It fortunatelly only rained in the night in Karslruhe... <3

cococita said...

Hihi, we did exactly the same.
I hope the sunshine will be back soon.
Thank you for sharing a photo of my favourite flowers.
Have a beautiful and springy week ahead Claudia! I'll e-mail you soon!

Sewon said...

Looks lovely! And your dog is just adorable. :)

Mi Joya said...

That looks like a great time Claudia!!

Anna said...

here it's seems the same....I hope you have enjoyed!!

querido diário said...

:) little rain is better than no rain at all :)