New Doily rug!

After days of rain, this doily rug had to wait quite a while for it's photo shooting :)
Is it Friday already? Have a nice weekend!

snail mail June

3 pretty postcards from Lily!
I think with fish, sea and hand-painted you can never go wrong with! 
Sweet snail mail from Sandra - It always makes me smile to think where her mail comes from, it would be so nice to make a litte walk in her stunning prairie countryside!
And last but not least surprise mail from Mi Joya. She had not forgot about my love for fish! Unfortunately it got damaged by the post. I hope I can fix it, because it's really adorable!
But somehow it reminds me a bit of myself. I often feel like a fish without fins. In the next letter I will tell you why.


and more...

At the moment I am really crazy about pattern making.
And using them for fabrics gives it all more sense.
Last days I am working non-stop on children patterns.
I will certainly need your help with the colors soon again!



More patterns for test prints.


Insect patterns

Further patterns for fabrics - composed of butterflies and bugs.
I like that you can't see the insects from the start.
I'm really excited! Today I ordered the test fabric pieces!


pots and plants

Sorry,  I'm not ready for bigger pictures yet ;)
But for some other change, like new painted pots, originally I wanted to make white one's again, but couldn't find the paint, so I made the ground coat pink.
Yesterday my sister finished her final exams! I'm so happy for her, it was a rough time for her.
When I look outside the window I can see the shadow of a pigeon walking around on the roof :)


pillow cases

Is it time for bigger pictures? I'm not sure yet, what do you think?

27 degrees in the flat - 37 degrees outside.
What a rapid weather change in the last 2 weeks.

I have this piece of ikea fabric lying like forever in my fabric box.
Finally I used it for making pillow cases for the living room.
Before I was able to make pictures, someone occupied them :)


more dogs

Thank you for all your comments! Here are your color suggestions!
I really like them! Can't wait to see how they look on fabric!


"Love all dogs" pattern

I think I will make test prints of all to see how it looks on fabric, but which do you prefere? Or would you prefere to see other colors as well? I think it would also be a nice wrapping paper :)
Have a good start of the week!


Blue dress

 + Big cleaning.
+ My geranium starts to bloom finally!
+ I bought this second hand dress but it did not fit so well, it had a smock in the middle that looked strange on me, so I unstitched and resewed it. Now it's perfect!
+ Oh, and reading my favorite magazine {wrap magazine}
+ Have a great day! Weather here is getting better and better now!


lost pink

Disappearing houses + pink tones.


At the riverside

Yesterday the sun showed up and it was really hot, so we went to a river that was not affected by the floods. The water had not more than maybe 14 degrees, it felt like ice actually! A good Kneipp-cure :)
Sunny enjoyed it very much after the last weeks of rain. But it did not stay like that too long, another thunder storm showed up and we managed to get to the car just before the heavy rain came back.
Hope you had a some sun this weekend too!


love all dogs

If you live with a dog, you can't escape from wanting to draw him, so I did some chihuahua face drawings in the evenings and ended with drawing lots of other dog faces as well. Yesterday I put out my carving gear and made 13 rubber stamps. At the moment I am working out seamless patterns. Next plan: make test prints on fabric via spoonflower (Lily will smile now, because she did encourage me to do that not just once :) and then let's see how far it will go in the future. Maybe I will need your help with the color choice soon! So stay tuned! :D