Snail mail May part 2

Lucky me! Cococita sent me 2 Flow magazines {both English issues}. I love them!
Makes me glad to think that you also share the love for these kind of magazines! Thank you so much!
These cards are all from Lily! Another pretty bird card for my collection + the last card really is the best! Hahahaha! So funny! And did you ever got a card of a train station? It made me daydreaming of traveling myself :) Thank you, my dear!
A very unexpected surprise from Emmel! I saw this handmade pouch on her blog and I really loved it, I love all her stitch art! And she was so kind to surprise me with it! :) :) :) Thank you!!! Now it's my turn again!


querido diário said...

i have so many mail i have to catch up!
this letters and gifts are great :)

Sewon said...

Lovely handmade pouch!

Sandra Dunn said...

You are right, that last card from Lily is a hoot! lol.

Me too... have to catch up on snail mail again.