I am you III

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Hi, there, I am sick since a week now and despite of feeling any better, I feel worse every day, as if something is coming up with diverse new symptoms spreading into every corner of my body. So I could not really go outside on this long weekend we have behind us. But the sleepless nights also have something good. A lot of time reflecting and also some ideas popped up. 

For example: Do you dream a lot? Or better to say: Do you remember many of your dreams? As I may have told already in this blog, I have very vivid dreams and most I can remember quite well. 
Some are not so nice, but some are really cool. The best dreams are the ones of course where I am aware of dreaming, where I can do simply everything I want, but I also like the others with strange, unpredictable content. And I thought it would be nice to illustrate some of the fancier dreams. Just to have an illustrated dream diary.

Last night I had one of my recurring dreams. One that I don't like so much. It is now 14 years ago that I had my final exams and I still dream that I am sitting in class short before these exams. And I am wondering the whole time why I have to make it, because somehow I know that I already finished school. And I am kind of freaking out, because I am not able to translate Latin anymore or calculating like we did. These dreams vary slightly, but the theme is the same.

Ok, enough now... Stay healthy + read you soon again!


cococita said...

Take good care dear Claudia! I hope you feel better very very soon ...

I can relate to your 'nightmares' about exams: when I was studying Latin at secundary school or when I was at university, I never dreamt about exams. Only very recently, I started to have these panic dreams about not succeeding. We seem to have something more in common ;) Also the vivacity sounds very familiar!

Hug and all the best dear lady!

emmel-prutsemieke said...

Hope you feel better soon. I have dreams like that too

yoojin said...

Get well soon!!

There are times where I dream a lot and times where I don't.
But I hate those which feel realistic and make me feel sad, e.g. arguing with someone I love.
I hate exam dreams too!! I also use to dream about having final exams and knowing nothing at all...;) But waking up is always a relief. :D

I also dream quite often that someone is chasing me. But I always get away and sometimes I can controll everything and do the coolest things to escape, for instance walking down a house wall...:D

Love, Yoojin

Mi Joya said...

It's all in periods, sometimes i dream a lot but other times i don't have a dream in weeks. I had one last night, not a nice one though. A terrible accident happened, that's all i remember now... This morning though when i woke up i knew a lot more about this dream!! So weird you forget about it during the day!

Oh no, you're sick again? :( Hopefully you'll feel better soon. I think we're all in desperate need of sun and the vitamins it brings with her!!
Take care x

Sandra Dunn said...

Oh, well and healthy wishes to you, Claudia. I enjoyed reading about your dream patterns. I just recently had two interesting dreams.
I know the meaning of the first one, but the second one is soooo odd - but significant I believe.

Sweet dreams! ;)

querido diário said...

I hope you are feeling better Claudia!

usually i only remember dreams that are recurrent over the years and some, like your exam dream sometimes changes a little bit some details but the feeling behind it remains.
my bf reminds every dream he has with thousand details,he wakes up and can go on and on describing them to me,i find that amusing :)
i think it's a good idea to illustrate some of your dreams and i look forward to see what you will create!

Stefanie Seltner said...

Hey, geht´s Dir besser?
Ich finde Deine Serie ganz ganz toll und spannend, berührt mich persönlich sehr.
Ich finde auch, man spürt in Deinen Zeichnungen und generell in Deiner Kunst, dass Du eine gute Verbindung zur Traumwelt hast. Mir geht´s übrigens ebenso.
x Stefanie