Dreams 1

I'm still sick, slowly growing desperate.
Weather is not helping either.
5º temperature at the end of May!
Yesterday I capitulated and turned on the heating again.

Ok, enough wailing! Here is my first dream illustration:

It is about one of my recurring dreams that I have since many years now. I'm in a room with an aquarium and suddenly notice that the fish are not inside anymore, instead they are flying all around the room, acting like it's their natural environment. I'm kind of concerned they might suffocate, so I catch them to put them back into the aquarium. 
– – – – –
Have a nice weekend!


Stefanie Seltner said...

Tolle Illustration - ich wüsste zu gern, wie es in Deinen Träumen aussieht, ist der Raum genau so?
Oder zeigst Du hier eher die Stimmung?
Muss auch ein bisschen schmunzeln, weil heute Nacht habe ich von Häuserschnecken geträumt, die in meiner Wohnung (?) waren und die ich versuchte einzufangen, die waren aber wahnsinnig stark und schnell.
Hoffentlich geht es Dir bald besser!
Liebe Grüße von einer, die heute auch die Heizung wieder angestellt hat

Mi Joya said...

Love this illustration!
Oh Claudia, i hope you'll feel better soon! We should all be able to enjoy warm spring evenings, instead we're inside with the heating on... Not good for our health!
Thumbs up for you!!

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

hope you will be better soon, lovely illistartion about your dream !

cococita said...

Take good care of yourself dear Claudia: really really hope you'll feel much better soon!
Ich liebe dieses Projekt.

Sandra Dunn said...

Claudia ~ Blessings to you ~ much health and energy and strength.

Lovely imagery of your dream. :)
Thank you for sharing these -they are really cool.

Hugs dear friend!

Alicia said...

what a pretty ilustration Claudia! I hope you will be ok. Take care.

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

good new week claudia!
hope you are feeling better today!
beautiful illustration!
i like the way you made the fishes :)

yoojin said...

Love the illustration! It's really dreamlike... :D
Hope you'll get well soon! Weather really s*cks. :( But I still don't turn on the radiator...;)

Patrice A. said...

so sorry to hear you are ill
that you are still ill
and no, the weather doesn't help
i have turned the heat on last week
but today the sun is out
and i walked in our garden
saw all the flowers and the green
with you in my mind
i hope you will feel better soon

and a big hug
Patrice A.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Stefanie: Ich denke, dass ich eher die Stimmung wieder gebe, das Zimmer schaut jedes Mal ein bisschen anders aus, aber es gibt immer ein Fenster und ein Aquarium und die Fische variieren auch, doch letztes Mal haben sie so ausgesehen wie in er Illustration.
Das mit den Schnecken ist ja interessant! Die Traumwelt ist so faszinierend! Ich sehe sie als totale Bereicherung in meinem Leben! Freut mich, dass ich nicht die einzige bin, die die Heizung wieder angemacht hat ;)

@Mi Joya: Thank you! You are right! Soon it should be summer and it does not even feel like spring at the moment!

@cococita: Thank you! Very interesting! In the past I did look up for dream symbols a lot, but then I stopped, because I got the feeling that it is far more complex somehow. But still I like the idea of symbols.

@Sandra: Thank you! I am happy that you like that I share my dreams :)

@Alicia: Thank you! I will do my best!

@Evdokia: You too, my dear! Thank you!

@yoojin: I think if I were not sick I would not have turned it on, but I was freezing too much...Hope weather will get better soon!

@Patrice: So nice that you thought of me! I appreciate that a lot! :) :) :)

querido diário said...

love your dream :)

coco said...

hello claudia
can you email me please