snail mail March part 2

A sweet Thank You card from a friend of my mother who ordered customized stamps from me.

 Beautiful Birthday card and letter with a fairy drawing from my pen friend Katrien.
A postcard from Sandra of her trip to Italy :)
And last but not least, this pretty easter card from Lily.
Thank you all!!!


querido diário said...

This reminds me i have 4 letters to finish 0_0

the ones you received are lovely :)

Sandra Dunn said...

Is that a postage stamp on Lily's mail? It is soooo cute!

yoojin said...

I always wonder how you get your snail mails done? ;) I still have 2 to answer from February...:(

Ohhh, I remember, there is a great Janosch campaign at the German post office! They even sell Janosch boxes :D

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Querido diario: Yes, I have also a lot of letters to reply!

@Sandra: Yes, it is! It's so cute!

@yoojin: I still have 9 letters to answer! So I'm also not in time with answering! :)
The janosh stamps are so sweet! I wish we had more cute stamps here in Austria.