Gift tags

Gift tags and a pretty souvenir from the forest .


cococita said...

I love their design (thank you so much :)) and often bring souvenirs from my plenty of walks in nature too.
Have a wonderful day, Claudia! I'll e-mail you soon, very soon!

querido diário said...

:)I love tree branches and your tags are sooo sweet*

Harmony said...

Me encantan, delicados y preciosos. ♥

yoojin said...

Oh, love the tags, so pretty! :)

Carla Killens said...

OOOOH, I discovered your blog through Emmels. You make gorgeous things !
You've got yourself a new fan from Belgium!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@cococita: Oh, did you get my package already? Thank you! Have s great day, too!

@querido diario: Thank you!

@Harmony: It's a pity that I don't speak spanish, but google translate is helping me a bit :) Thank you!

@yoojin: thank you, my dear!

@Carla Killens: Oh, that's sweet of you! Thank you!