City Poster Contest 2013

Here is my contribution for the
Human Empire City Poster Contest 2013.
To see all the other posters klick here!
Unfortunately they put the wrong name under my poster, I hope they will fix it soon!
If you like it, I would be happy if you vote for me :)
Thank you + have a great weekend!

PS: I saw that they totally messed it up and that not only my name is not existing there, also the number of my poster 163 is taken twice! So maybe you wait for the voting until it is cleared up! I will let you know about it!

HUMAN EMPIRE cleared up the mistakes now and I got a new number. My new number is 68 and the voting can start now! Human empire raffles three gift vouchers worth 50 Euro among all online voters!


Lily said...

Good luck - it is beautiful!

PS: Warum pink /grün?

emmel-prutsemieke said...


querido diário said...

i'm going to vote :)

Carla Killens said...

I just voted on you, good luck!

JiJi said...

Beautiful posters are there, i admit i voted for you too because i like your poster!

Sandra Dunn said...

Good luck on the contest - the poster is wonderful!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

i have voted yesterday!
good luck claudia!

neunzehngrad said...

Meine Stimme hast Du gerade bekommen. Ein schönes Plakate hast Du entworfen. Ich drücke fest die Daumen.

Lisa said...

You have my vote too, I love the poster you made!