April mail

This month I got three times mail from Cococita! She is a lot in France lately and presented me a great artist that I didn't know before. The last card is a piece of her own painting. Thank you for all the treasures!
Four times mail from Lily! You already know that I love her birds and I have now a considerable collection of birds painted by her. I am thinking of making a collage with them someday :) The second last card surprised me a lot. She sent me back one of my handmade cards I gifted her. She colored it in and on the back it says: "He is homesick!" What a funny idea!
And have you ever seen something sweeter than the last card?
When I saw this package in my mailbox I immediately knew from whom it was! I am always impressed by how much time and love Fiona puts in every package. There are so many details to discover! I love the tiny Birthday card she made for me and the envelope collection! Thank you, my dear! I hope to soon find the time to reply!
A postcard from Sandra :)
And last, but not least. Pretty mail from down under! It is from Katyha. Even though she has so much to do with her studies, she managed to write me. I appreciate that a lot! Thank you for all the things you sent me! They will get a special place!
Oh, I nearly forgot! I also got this card from Katrien of her trip to Barcelona! Thank you!


Vivika Vaina said...

I love the envelope with the bird on! And the card with the hippos. Oh, everything is adorable. I can't hide it. I'm jealous!

querido diário said...

:) what a great snail mail month!

kassiopaia said...

Boah ist das Motiv mit den Nilpferden in der Badewanne toll! Ich möchte es sofort an meine Badtür malen!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

amazing snail mail!

Katyha said...

so glad you got my letter, I thought it got lost. Thank you for letting me know, I must have missed this post :(