snail mail march part 1

I got wonderful snail mail this month and finally answered some letters myself.
2 postcards from Lily. She was in Berlin and was so sweet to think of me! Thank you! I already prepared something to send you away today, so be patient :)
 A birthday card + letter from my dear pen pal Katrin :)
 A postcard from Otto and his gf from their trip to Vietnam.
Birthday mail from Sandra! The handmade tiny cake card is so sweet! And the bird necklace, it's perfect! Thank you so much!
Surprise mail from Emmel! Look how pretty she decorated the envelope. I love her drawings! She made the crochet garland herself! Can't wait to put it on my wall! Thank you!!!

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cococita said...

I especially love the mail by Emmel! So colourfully and beautiful!