more sketchbook pages

Thank you for all your comments to my sketchbook drawings! It was a pleasure to read them and hear about your own experiences!  Have you ever tried to draw with your left hand or in case you are left-hander with your right? I do that from time to time and I love it. It gives you that feeling of being a kid  again that is making first drawing experiences. Your hand feels freer somehow and also your mind, because you don't have the pressure to create something good. It's worth trying it out! Enjoy your weekend!


Lily said...

Beautiful drawings. I would be happy when I could draw with my right hand ( Ich bin Rechtshänder) as good as you draw with your left one.

Alicia said...

they are beautiful ones Claudia!
An art teacher asked us to draw with the left hand, it was amazing :)

cococita said...

I admire your drawings, the way you use colour and your talent Claudia! You really are one of my favourite artists and I feel blessed being part of your audience. Thank you for sharing these pages of your sketchbook!

And yes, I can relate, I also love the result when drawing left handed. Did you ever try to draw with both hands at the same time? I really like to do this as well :)

Happy Sunday evening for you and a lovely and artistically productive week ahead!

querido diário said...


studio meez said...

Your drawings are so beautiful. I'm in love with that last portret, it's stunning!