green birthday

Thank you so much for all your kind Birthday wishes!
I appreciate that a lot!!! You are the best!

My mother sent me these orchid flowers. The story behind them is, that in autumn I gave her all my orchid plants, because in my flat they either don't bloom at all or only get a few flowers for a very short time and she is having a window sill that seems really perfect for orchids. They bloom nearly the whole year. Sometimes I think it is better to accept certain things. Like that the climate in my flat is not made for every sort of plants. Unfortunately. But how sweet of her to surprise me! She also sent me a layer of one of her new plants. Does anyone know the real name? They sold it under the name: Star-money plant, but browsing the internet didn't give me any picture of that kind of plant with that name.

And another beautiful flower bouquet from my bf . Dog included ;)
Can you remember when I told that Sunny ate some of my plants? Recently I caught him eating leaves of my coffee plant. This made me google if leaves of coffee plants are toxic for dogs and so I learned that you can make tea out of coffee leaves that is quite healthy. It is very rich in antioxidants. I will certainly try it out someday.


Sandra Dunn said...

ok, Claudia, anything higher than a foot should keep Mr. Sunny off your plants. ;)

So many beautiful flowers are surrounding you now!

wide-eyed-tree said...

haha, yes true! It is not that hard keeping him away actually. But sometimes I forget and leave them standing on the floor

Lily said...

Hallo Claudia,
ich tippe bei der Pflanze von Deiner Mutter auf Anthurium scherzerianum.

(Der Strauß mit Sunny ist süß)

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

oh, ich bin zu spät :(
alles alles liebe nachträglich.
fühl dich ganz fest gedrückt!

Lisa said...

Oooh, I'm so sorry I'm too late to wish you a happy birthday! But here it is, better late than never:


And I think it's an anthurium you've got there.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Lily: Danke! Ja, wahrscheinlich hast du recht, ich habe auch schon drauf getippt, war mir am Ende aber dann doch nicht ganz sicher.

@Sensijes + Lisa: Thank you!!!

Sewon said...

Ohh coffee leaf tea sounds interesting. You'll have to let me know how that tastes. :) Happy Belated Birthday!!

black violet tea* said...

sorry that i congratulations you so late, but Happy Birthday!^__^
Wish you warm and love in your heart and coziness at your home:)
your such a great artist!, and wish that inspiration and great ideas always be with you:)
З Днем Народження!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Sewon: I will let you know, I promise!

@black violet tea: Thank you, my dear! That is so sweet of you!