February mail

First letter this February came from Lily. What a happy mail! I can understand why she loves to draw birds the most. Look at this cutie!
I got a huge package from Lisa and was very curious about what's inside. She knitted me this beautiful, cozy scarf! I love it and to think that she knitted it especially for me, makes it even more special! Sunny was crazy about the little sheep, so I had to give it to him in the end ;) Thank you so much, Lisa!
 Another sweet letter from Sandra with a lot of stamps for my collection and these pretty handmade ear rings. So nice to know, that she also collects stamps! Thank you, my dear!
 Cococita spoiled me again! I love the card with the girl watching the fish. Doesn't it look a bit like me, haha? ;) The pencil set comes exactly to the right time, not long ago I started to draw more into my sketchbook again. Maybe I will show you some pages soon. Thank you for all the treasures!
And last but not least, this pretty card from Lily that came on the last of February :)
I hope soon nature will become a bit more colorful again. We still have a lot of snow in the woods.


Mi Joya said...

Lovely mail in your mailbox!
Hope you're feeling better...
The sun's shining here today, looks like spring is getting closer! Yay!!

Helen said...

so nice, I love sending and receiving post

Iva said...

I love snail mail!:) Have a plan to make some "changing" with you, if you're ok with it:) Keep in touch.

Sandra Dunn said...

Hey Sunny wants something too! ha
ha. Oh, what wonderful mail to cheer you - hope you're feeling better. And I hope you find a glimpse of spring's promise this coming week.

querido diário said...

love snail mail <3