1+2 custom-made stamps {for wedding invitations}
3+4 new stamps in my shop


cococita said...

Awesome, all of them. My favourites are the plant and the butterflies: I guess it has to do with my love for nature ...

Alicia said...

the second one!

Mi Joya said...

Nice work Claudia!!
I like the one you made for the couple with their faces!

JiJi said...

I like the one with butterflies!!

neunzehngrad said...

ich mag sie alle. sehr schön!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

what a great idea
the couple stamp!
all very nice!

black violet tea* said...

good work,I like it!:)

Lois said...

They're fantastic - I love the packaging as well.

zenobie said...

These are wonderful, really love them. Thank you so much for my wonderful present! I have been meaning to thank you for it - such a lovely surprise! xo

anastasia said...

very nice!!! lovely butterflies!!!

Patrice A. said...

great stamps!!!

I have been here before
several times
but silent
but I have a question
about the material you use
normally I make linocut-prints
but for smaller once I have used
my inkt-rubbers
I saw your tutorial about making a stamp
and wondered: where do you buy your
carving material?

Patrice A.

Lini said...

Wahnsinn, die sind so toll, und mit den passenden Kartons dazu, bin begeistert :) Bussi