January mail

These pretty cards and the package are all from Lily,
can you believe it?! Love her surprises!
Thank you so much!!!
This package is from cococita. She added a fancy shirt that she bought in France. It fits! Now it only must get warmer :) Love the fish card series! Thank you my dear!


JiJi said...

This is s lovely!!

Sandra Dunn said...

oh fun! claudia - did you get my 'january mail'? i hope it arrived or will arrive very soon... hm?

Kelly Zarb said...

Wow claudia you always receive such beautiful mail, you lucky girl.

yoojin said...

Wow, such treasures! :) I can't believe, how you manage to keep so many correspondences! Wish, I could do it to. :)

kassiopaia said...

Woah, die Postkarten von Lily sind wirklich toll! Da kann ich gut nachvollziehen, wie sehr du dich gefreut hast.