December mail part 2

Another sweet letter from Katrien :)
A Christmas themed package from Barbara.
Love the straw stars and the orange adornment!
Thank you! Will write back to you soon :)
My first mail from Malaysia. It is from Fiona
who is also a graphic designer and as you can see she put so much passion
in preparing that awesome package for me. I don't know what to say!
Thank you so much, my dear! The socks fit perfectly!
Christmas mail from Cococita. Thank you!!
Unfortunately the glass angel was damaged a bit by the post, but it is pretty still!
I placed it on my window sill between my plants :)
A great card from Lily!
And last but not least, a surprise Christmas card from Zenobie.
Isn't it pretty? I also love the stamps! Thank you!!!


Lanapelana said...

Beautiful packages!

Happy new year Claudia!

fiona ling said...

Dear Claudia,

Yohoo! Those package are so beautiful!
Glad that you like mine for you, I am happy that you love it! You are most welcome! hihi!


Katyha said...

your letterbox much be very happy

urbanikus said...

Malaysian package rocks!

Camila Faria said...

Happy-mail! There's nothing better in the world!


yoojin said...

Wonderful mail! :) :)

anastasia said...

great packages! really made with love!

jun said...

count me in towards the end of this year! these are wonderful! such a meaningful and fun thing to do.