Another Doily rug

Busy times... It has snowed a lot, I guess winter is finally here. Sent away some packages, carved a lot of stamps and crocheted this violet doily rug. I'm already working on a new one, where I use all my wool leftovers.
Keep warm!


Mendruga said...

Love it! <3

Lisa said...

There was also a lot of snow here last night!
Lovely new rug, dear Claudia!
I hope you are well :)

Lemonstale said...

Lovely rug... great color!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

love this purple color!
and it makes a beautiful match
with the pink amaryllis!

cococita said...

I am so curious to see those new stamps.
Belgium has tons of snow as well ...
Love this new doily!
Can't wait for the package to arrive :)

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

welch schöne farbe!!!

hier ist der winter nun auch eingezogen. bitter bitter kalt aber noch nicht wirklich viel schnee.

yoojin said...

So beautiful! :D :D I haven't started a new yarn project yet, but I'm very much looking forward to it. :)

Mdmslle. said...

Der Weihnachtstern ist wunderschön! Ich wünschte, ich würde meinen auch nochmal zum blühen kriegen!