December mail part 1

A lovely letter from my new pen friend Katrien from Belgium.
She added this pretty card and granny square. I'm pleased!
I always admired the beautiful feathers that Zenobie, our Queen of
Carrot Flowers, is creating. And now I own one she especially made for me!
I love it!!! And not only that, she also sent me this beautiful white doily
and vintage handkerchief. Thank you so much!
I'm so looking forward to wear this piece of art!
This surprise package is from my friend Irina. I was so excited, 
that I opened it before reading that it was meant to be opened on
Christmas Eve. Haha! Silly me! The piece of clothing is a one-piece suit.
I really love wearing one-piece clothes, they are so comfortable :)
Lily surprised me already three times this month! Her cards are
always great! The second one is painted by herself and it really
brought some sunshine into my home. Also I got new stamps
that I soon will remove from the paper to put them into my album.
Thank you, my dear!
A surprise package from Nina, the owner of the "Wiener Zuhause".
Unfortunately the post wasn't very careful and damaged the
decorated tealights, but the pretty gift tags arrived safe! Thank you so much!!
Look at this! Sunny got a Santa Claus costume from Sandra.
I immediately had to check if it fits and as you can see it fits like a glove!
Thank you! Also for the other surprises!


Alicia said...

Santa Sunny looks great!
Zenobie´s feather is amazing!

Helen said...

I really like your mail posts, its so lovely to get a surprise in the post


Lisa said...

I got your (huge!) package, thank you so much dear Claudia!

I love Sunny's new suit :D

yoojin said...

Lovely mail!! :) :) Love the feather, wonderful work! :)

This month I had no time at all for my snail mail correspondences. :( But at least I've sent out christmas packages. :)

Best wishes, yoojin

urbanikus said...

hahaha. santa sunny.

Mdmslle. said...

Bei dir ist Weihnachten nicht nur am 24.! Küsschen an Sunny!

Anna said...

wow lovelt mail!!

emmel-prutsemieke said...

oh sunny santa. Is he happy with his costume?

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

so many gifts!
sunny is so cute!

Sandra Dunn said...

Oh so many sweet things... I love it all! The square doily! The vintage doggy 'kerchief, colorful stamps! I absolutely adore the little birds in the nest picture!! I like how Sunny is poking his tiny dark nose into the box with the cool on-piece...he is looking to see if there is anything for him! ;) He looks so cute in his Santa suit!!

PSbyDila said...

What an amazing mail! I wouldn't mind receiving mail like this every day. ;)

Sara said...

you dog is adorable, i have the same outfit for my puppy lol