Printed lots of Christmas cards on order & sorted out my art supplies.
Sorting out things always eases my mind.
- - - - - - - - - -
Bedruckte viele Auftrags-Weihnachtskarten & ordnete meine Bastelsachen.
Dinge zu ordnen macht mich immer ruhig.


The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

:love these cards!

Alicia said...

sweet ones!

Lily said...

Sweet cards! It is time to get started! I allready bought the first Christmas presents. :-)

Helen said...

This looks like such a nice organised space. I love your cute moose/reindeer

Cho said...

Aww the moose is so cute!!

cococita said...

Love the light in the first photo and it's always great to see a detailed glimpse of your creative activity!
Sorting out things can be so healing! I have to do it myself, as our home is filled with notebooks, craft materials, books etc.

yoojin said...

I love to see craft materials, especially when it's so neatly stored. :D
That reminds me of the total mess in my craft corner! ;) This week I really have to tidy it up! :)

(Love your cards by the way! :) So cute!)

urbanikus said...

i like it all! espacially pink raindeer

anastasia said...

great cards! sorting out supplies and cupboards is so releafing!!!