In our Croatia vacation I had my plastic underwater camera with me that I'd got myself many years ago in Egypt. I was very disappointed at that time when I saw the pictures the first time, that I had made in the Red Sea, so my expectations were very low this time. And because I expected the worst probably, I was quite happy with the results and it was a welcome change to hold analog photos in my hands in these digital times.
In unserem Kroatienurlaub hatte ich meine Plastikunterwasserkamera dabei, die ich vor Jahren in Ägypten erstanden hatte. Damals war ich super enttäuscht als ich die Bilder zum ersten Mal sah, die ich im Roten Meer gemacht hatte, deshalb waren meine Erwartungen nun recht niedrig. Und weil ich wohl das Schlimmste erwartet hatte, bin ich nun recht zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis und es war eine schöne Abwechslung wieder mal analoge Fotos in den Händen zu halten in diesen digitalen Zeiten.


Mi Joya said...

I've got a camera like that too, also bought for Egypt, the pictures aren't the most sharp ones but still, they've got some dreamy atmosphere which i really like!

yoojin said...

What kind of camera is it?

We're also thinking about getting one, as we love to snorkel! But it's hard to decide which one to buy. I guess the pictures never come out that beautiful...do they?

I like your pictures though. As Mi Joya wrote, just a wonderful dreamy atmosphere! :) :)

wide-eyed-tree said...

The camera is really plastic crap! It was cheap and not really meant to be used for many times I guess. But you can change the film though. It is similar to this one: http://kleinanzeigen.ebay.de/anzeigen/s-anzeige/outdoor-kamera-unterwasser-kamera/66613615

I was really disappointed about the Egypt pictures, but I think it has it's own flair if you don't expect too much. I thought a lot of buying a good underwater camera, but then how often am I at a place where I can use it?

Isidora said...

It is really great to have the opportunity of shooting underwater life. It turned out cool. :)

wide-eyed-tree said...

Hey Isidora! I already missed you, could not find your blog or fb page anymore! How are you doing? Everything alright?

anastasia said...

the second picture is fantastic!!!you can print it large-scale and put it on the wall!!!