Snail mail September

Oh wow, it is already October, can you believe it!?
Last month was an incredible snail mail month!
Each package was such a surprise and filled with treasures I would never have expected!
Thank you all so much!
Oh wow, es ist schon Oktober, könnt ihr das glauben!?
Letzter Monat war ein unglaublicher Postmonat!
Jedes Päckchen war so eine Überraschung und mit Schätzen gefüllt, die ich nie erwartet hätte!
Ich danke euch allen sehr!
Funny postcard from my dear friend Susanna from her vacation in America.
A wonderful package from the very talented Sandra D.. You can feel the spirit of the place she is living now in all the things she sent to me. I'm fired up! Thank you!
Lily who is always soiling me like crazy sent me this beautiful notebook. It has pretty fish illustrations on the first pages. I like it so much! Thank you Lily, you will soon get something from me again!
Look at this pretty green package! It is from mdmslle. She sent me three postcards of her beautiful illustrations and dried flowers, some wool, tea and other tiny things. I already used the flowers for some of my work :) Perfect! Thank you!!
A very happy package from cococita! I don't know what to say, it really made my day, so many cute things and she even sent me masking tape! Thank you, my dear!

Recently I get a lot of packages with wonderful stamps on it. As I collect them I am always happy to receive letters with stamps. This letter came from a dear customer. I would never have expect that! She sent me that cute golden lady bug ring and it fits perfectly! A big thank you to Marianne and for our wonderful email contact!
In letzter Zeit bekomme ich viele Päckchen mit schönen Briefmarken. Da ich ja Briefmarken sammle, freue ich mich immer sehr über Neue. Dieser Brief hier kam von einer lieben Kundin. Ich habe echt nicht damit gerechnet! Sie hat mir diesen süßen, goldenen Marienkäferring geschickt, er passt perfekt! Ein großes Dankeschön an Marianne und für den tollen Email-Kontakt!
 A new package from the Ukraine. Those oak leaf stamps are so great, perfect for the season! Mary sent me a gemstone and shell for my collection and these pretty handmades. Look at the pretty tatting doily she has made! I would love to learn tatting someday. Thank you, sweet girl!
Last but not least, a pretty package from Sylvie who thought of me when thrifting and giftet me that marvelous clay fish that is also a whistle! You probably all know by now that I love fish + shells, they always make me happy :) Thank you, my dear!


yoojin said...

Wow, wonderful packages!! :) :) Great to see every one of them!

Juultje said...

Oh wow, lucky you, so many lovely packages!! Thank you, thank you, loved your mail!!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

amazing all of them!
eye candies! :)
have a good month claudia!

Mi Joya said...

That's a lot of happy maildays :)
Ohh, there's a shell broken?
I keep seeing fish in every thriftstore i visit now!!

Camila Faria said...

There's nothing better than happy mail!

Sandra Dunn said...

oh, look at these wonderful treasures that came with cool stamps! You will be drinking good healthy tea too. :) Thank you for the kind comment on my wild west packet. Not sure if I mentioned that those were turkey feathers.

Cho said...

They're all very thoughtful and unique packages, their warm feelings are obvious in their pretty gifts!