Not much success finding mushrooms this time,
but it was a wonderful walk anyway.
It's always interesting to find red tones in the forest
like in the last pictures. Enjoy your weekend!
Nicht so viel Erfolg beim Pilze sammeln diese Mal,
aber es war trotzdem ein wunderbarer Spaziergang.
Es ist immer interessant Rottöne im Wald zu finden,
so wie auf dem letzten Bild. Genießt euer Wochenende!


Cho said...

Mushroom Picking! It sounds cool to me (Imagining myself walking thru the woods with a basket, picking up mushrooms for soup)! but be careful! I heard some poisonous mushrooms look similar to edible ones!

anastasia said...

How nice! By the way its not the quantity that counts! your one mushroom looks beautiful!

Victoria said...

So beautiful! Gorgeous enchanting pictures..nature is so inspiring and your images are shining with that sacred magic!

Sandra Dunn said...

So pretty all that forest fungus! I bet it smells wonderful too!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

thank you for sharing your forest walks!
the mushroom kind in the two first fotos
looks like a skirt :)
beautiful reds!