Sewing + magazines

Sewed a new pillow case and another big cuddly cloud.
Sunny was less impressed but insisted to be on the picture :)
My second avocado got a pot finally.
Reading frankie + Mollie Makes,
my favorite magazines at he moment.
Habe einen neuen Kissenüberzug und eine weitere Kuschelwolke genäht.
Sunny war weniger beeindruckt, wollte aber unbedingt mit auf's Bild.
Meine zweite Avocado hat endlich einen Topf bekommen.
meine Lieblingszeitschriften im Moment.


Mdmslle. said...

Superschön sind die geworden!!

Mi Joya said...

I've read a lot about Mollie Makes!
All good things! I love magazines, such a shame they're so expensive!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Mdmslle: Danke!!

@Mi Joya: I got my first Mollie Makes recently and I love it! I even got a german version from a shop at the train station which has nearly every magazines. It was not that expensive! But unfortunately I don't get frankie here in Vienna. And the postage is as high as the magazine itself :(

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

i love the cloud! :)
& pretty pot for your avocado.
sunny is always so sweet!

anastasia said...

you have been busy! love the stuff that u made and also loved the snail mail..hope u receive mine soon :) big hug from munich!