Sunday bloody Sunday

I made a blood splatter stamp for my dexter stamp
that I have made longer time ago to make new stationery.
Not everyone's style I guess, haha :)
Are you able to see blood in real life?
As long as it is not the blood of my loved ones, I can.
Next to graphic design
I used to make pictures during operations in my first job.
Ich habe passend zu meinem Dexter Stempel noch einen
Blutspritzerstempel gemacht und neues Briefpapier bedruckt.
Nicht jedermanns Sache, nehme ich an, haha :)
Könnt ihr Blut sehen?
Solange es nicht unbedingt das Blut Nahestehender ist,
kann ich das.
Neben Grafikdesign habe ich in meinem ersten Job
Fotos während Operationen gemacht.


studio meez said...

I am such a big fan of dexter and can't wait for the new season to begin!
Although I like to watch a good classic horror movie, I can't stand too see blood with people I love or even when I cut my own finger. It's making my knees shake.

blackviolettea* said...

james bond's style:)

Mi Joya said...

Hihi, gotta love Dexter!!

I often see blood at my work, kids fall a lot... But when it gets really serious with loved ones i rather not see it :(