Green doily rug

Before my holiday break I am showing you a new olive green doily rug. | Yesterday was Sunny's 4. Birthday. I can't believe that we have him already for such a long time. It seems like if it was yesterday when we brought him home, he was such a tiny thing with only 600 gram. I hope he will have a long & happy life.
Vor meiner Sommerpause zeige ich euch noch einen neuen olivfarbenen Doily rug. | Gestern hatte Sunny seinen 4. Geburtstag. Ich kann nicht glauben, dass wir ihn schon so lange haben. Es ist, als wäre es gestern gewesen als wir ihn zu uns nach Hause brachten, er war so ein Winzling mit nur 600 Gramm. Ich hoffe, dass er noch ein langes & glückliches Leben haben wird.


the Blue Rabbit House. said...

Happy birthday to Sunny!

The green of the doily is really pretty!

Anna said...

Happy birthday to Sunny!
I hope you have fun in your holidays!

helensarahvaughan said...

happy birthday sunny

emmel-prutsemieke said...

happy dog day sunny!

Mendruga said...

Love it!
And happy birthday!

cococita said...

Marvelous green! It fits perfectly in your room. I hope you will keep it yourself :)

Happy Birthday to the little sun in your life and enjoy your holidays!

PS: I love the cuddly toy, sitting in your chair. Did you create it?

Alicia said...

Happy birthday for your little one!
Lovely olive doily.

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

happy birthday sweet sunny!

the olive color is lovely!

Sandra Dunn said...

Happy Birthday to Sunny!
And may he live a looooong & happyyyyy life! :)
(The doily is as a fresh beautiful lily pad!)

Camila Faria said...

That doily belongs on a wall, it's such a great piece of art! And congrats to sweet Sunny!

Anonymous said...

ich mag das stofftier auf dem fauteuil :)
lg & bussi

Mi Joya said...

This is such a beautiful green!!
And that crocheted animal on the sofa!! He looks supercool :)

A big hug for Sunny!!!!!
Are you off for holidays? If so... have a good time & enjoy everything that comes your way!!x

kassiopaia said...

Nachträglich auch von mir alles Gute an den kleinen Schnuffelhund! ^^
Meine Katerchen wurden auch gerade nacheinander 5 Jahre alt. Und sie sind genauso knuffig wie am ersten Tag. :)

Anna @sweet life said...

Such a lovely colour on the rug! And I love the kiwi-bird!! :) Happy birthday to Sunny, and I wish you all a happy holiday!