Commissional work

One of the things I enjoy the most of having an online shop
is preparing the packages for my customers :)
This stamp set was commissioned work for a photographer.
Was ich am meisten daran mag einen Online Shop zu haben,
ist unter anderem das Vorbereiten der Päckchen für meine Kunden :)
Dieses Stempel Set war eine Auftragsarbeit für eine Fotografin.


Anna said...

Nice work Claudia!

yoojin said...

Oh wie schön! :D

Iva said...


emmel-prutsemieke said...

the camera with stative are great!

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

super süß!

Dawn said...

I'm jealous!

Mi Joya said...

Your stamp making skills are getting better & better, these look great!

cococita said...

Love the stamps, especially the dog and the stative.
I was smiling when I read this post, as I would be the same: I love to make packages and wrap things beautifully.