Magenta doily rug & seat pad

No time for warm rugs actually,
but for pretty colors.
Today it is 37˚
and coming days will be just as hot!
Eigentlich keine Zeit für warme Teppiche,
aber für schöne Farben.
Heute hat es 37˚
und es wird auch die nächsten Tage so heiß bleiben!


helensarahvaughan said...

nice and hot, a bit miserable here in England. lovely colour rug

Mi Joya said...

Here it's such a weird weather! Rain, sun, wind... all mixed!
It's what we call a 'kwakkelzomer' :) (= summer with shitty weather..)

Ilse said...

oh my god so hot, here it's 18 degrees and windy.

Lily said...

Beautiful colours! Same weather here. Love it a bit more when it's about 20 °C.

cococita said...

L.O.V.E.! These colours and designs are stunning beautiful: really my style and my colours! :)

Can't believe it's so hot over there. In my little country it's rather cold and raining again ...

Have a beautiful Sunday!


Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

your fotos are like little colorful drawings!
make my eyes smile!
very hot here too...

wide-eyed-tree said...

@helen: hope you soon have some sun too!

@Mi Joya: weather get's more and more crazy it seems

@Lily: I know what you mean. My temperature tolerance is quite low. I feel best when it's 23 degree :)

@cococita: Thank you! I also love those colors together :) Hope you get some sunny weather soon, too!

@Evdokia: Such a sweet compliment! Thank you!

maría cecilia said...

soooo very lovely!!!!