Happy mail

It's time to show you all the great letters and packages I got lately. Lily sent me this pretty Atlantic puffin card from her trip to Jersey. The envelope has the prettiest stamps! Thank you so much! I need to take some time for taking up writing letters again. At the moment there is so much to think and do, so please be patient with me.
This lovely package came from Australia. Dear Katyha spoiled me with lot's of lovely gifts. On her blog I saw her cute handmade chicken pot holder and she was so kind to send it to me! Isn't it adorable!? It will get a special place, but I don't know if I ever use it, because it is far too special.
Thank you!
Another lovely letter from Lisa. This time it was especially colorful. I love it! Thank you, I appreciate our "letter friendship" very much and am always looking forward to reply to your words!
Remember when I won Olga's give-away that unfortunately got damaged on the mailing route? She was so sweet to send it again to me and not only that, she also sent me an extra tiny glass bottle to hang on the wall. Do you know her nature letter project? You can send her nature treasures and she makes something beautiful out of it. I sent her tiny shells that I collected in my Portugal holiday in 2008 and pieces of tiles that had been sandpapered by the sea in Brac. When I got these findings back I was thrilled! She made a necklace with the tiny shells and 2 awesome rings with the tiles. They are so pretty and it is such a great idea of her! I love the whole project, it is such a great idea! I'm very impressed by the creations she makes out of nature findings! Thank you, Olga!
Last, but not least, I am the lucky winner of Evdokia's give-away! It is a handmade brooch called Oliver :) I love brooches very much. When I don't wear them, I hang them on my curtain in my working room where they look down to me and make my space happier :) If you also want a sweet cat brooch, have a look at her wonderful Etsy shop!


Mdmslle. said...

Das ist ja wie Weihnachten bei dir ;-)! Evdokias Kette ist wirklich wunderschön!

Anna said...

ohhh your mail it´s so lucky!! nice packeges!

helensarahvaughan said...

lots of lovelies

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

lots of happy & beautiful mails!
and i am happy to see my package in this post too! :) & that Oliver came safe to you! lots of kisses!

cococita said...

OOOH, they are all treats to the eyes! Enjoy each and every single one of them! Have a lovely Sunday!

Mi Joya said...

Lovely mail in your mailbox again!
I have a reminder paper on my desk with the names of the people i want to write back to, yours is there too Claudia, just like you i'm busy with so many things right now, but a letter is coming back to you for sure :)

handmade romance said...

wow what treats your mailbox has been providing : )