Green for the eyes

I'm very busy at the moment, hardly time for blogging.
To relief my eyes from computer work I make evening walks in the forest.
When I saw these leaves {picture 1 + 5} yesterday,
I immediately thought it would be nice to carve a stamp from that shape.
Luckily the weather has cooled down a bit.
Viel zu tun im Moment, kaum Zeit zum Bloggen.
Um meine Augen von der Bildschirmarbeit zu entlasten
mache ich Abends Waldspaziergänge.
Als ich gestern diese Blätter {Foto 1 + 5} sah,
dachte ich sofort, es wäre nett einen Stempel mit dieser Form zu schnitzen.
Das Wetter ist nun etwas kühler zum Glück.


Mi Joya said...

I like the last one, such a beautiful shape!

helensarahvaughan said...

i love the photo of all the logs

Sandra Dunn said...

The green is so vibrant and full of life. I do like the logs also,,,

Junaluska said...

Wow, so green! I rarely come across that color where I live.

Courtney said...

Green is such a healing color. Perfect for post-work eye relief.

Katyha said...

a walk is lovely after staring at a computer screen all day :( wish I had a forest to disappear to