Evening walk

Yesterday evening we fled from the heat into the woods.
The light was so charming and soft. 
The trees peaceful and silent.
Gestern Abend flüchteten wir vor der Hitze in den Wald.
Das Licht war bezaubernd und weich.
Die Bäume friedlich und leise.


cococita said...

Love the light in your pictures.
What would we be without refreshing woods? Thank you Mother Nature!

Lily said...

Love your pics! Hot here today, too. Great time to eat dinner outside in the garden under trees. :-)

Mi Joya said...

That looks great, i would so love to have some hot evenings here too!! I love the moment when the sun goes down and it still feels so warm... Enjoy!

the Blue Rabbit House. said...

It's the downside of living in a city with no forest near. I miss these type of walks. I do prefer them during spring, as there aren't as many bugs then.

Sandra Dunn said...

cool and green - looks refreshing!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

what a beautiful, green place to have a walk :)