Mail update

A beautiful package from Studio Meez filled with wool & other treasures. I'm already thinking what I will create :) Thank you so much! It really made my day and I'm looking forward to reply on your letter!
A second letter from Karina. She was so kind to send me these pretty wipes of her collection. I had one when I was a child, but I doubt that it still exists. Also she sent me these photos of different graveyards which I appreciate a lot! Thank you, dear Karina, I hope my letter arrives soon at your place, too!
Lily sent me this funny owl letter with stickers and edelweiss seeds. How cool is that?! Thank you!!!
Cococita spoiled me again! She sent me paper-clips for me collection, aren't they great?! Also I got pretty buttons and a really cool bracelet which I will definitely wear. It's perfect for summer! Thank you so much! It was like christmas opening all these gifts!
And last but not least, a pretty letter from Julie. Two pretty cards and stamps from Portugal (which is one of my favorite countries) and other little treasures that made my day brighter. Thank you, Julie!


Juultje said...

Wow, really nice, pretty wool from Studio Meez, what will you make?

Elisse said...

I bet your mail box was happy as well! Yay for lovely snail mail :)

karina nielsen rios, copenhagen, denmark said...

I'm so glad my little package arrived safely at your place.

Mi Joya said...

Seeing all these lovely mail parcels makes me happy!

head + heels said...

ich liebe post! die grossartigste erfindung überhaupt!

head + heels