Forest walks and mossy dots

It was so nice to read all your words about "home" to my previous post!
Thank you for that!
 Today we made another walk in the forest.
We saw a big rabbit, tiny baby ducks
(unfortunately I was not able to catch them with my camera)
and lots of mice.
This year there are so many mice everywhere,
it's really extraordinary.
I'm in love with the moss dot on that tree.


Susanna said...

Hey Mausi - wo warts denn? Sieht nach w4 aus, oder?

Dicke Bussis!!!

wide-eyed-tree said...

Hallo, nein das is in der Nähe von Neulengbach gewesen! Bussi

Mi Joya said...

That mossy dot on the tree is funny!! I never saw that before :)

cococita said...

I love the moss dot too.
Looks like you are having great weather in Vienna. In Belgium it seems to be autumn again: rain, rain and rain. But that means time to cocoon and to be creative :)

I never noticed little mice here in the woods while walking ...

Pauline said...

A beautiful walk in the forest.
Greetings, Pauline