This is what happens when different plants
are standing next to each other on a window sill.
I was really surprised about the purple shamrock
sprouting in the pot of my tangerine plant.
And the nasturtium seed must have been somewhere in the soil I use.
Happy Friday!


[sen.siˈʝes] said...


dir auch ein schönes wochenende!

Mdmslle. said...

So beautiful!

Zenobie (Queen of Carrot Flowers) said...

so funny, it's a stowaway!

olga inoue said...

i`d never thought it can be purple.
thats a nice company there

Mina said...

Oh, you got lucky! I had a stinging nettle between my strawberries last week, and heartily reached into it, because I didn't notice at first... I forgot how stingy these can be.

Alicia said...

Nature is brilliant!

Bellefleurdelis - lotte said...

very nice !

the Blue Rabbit House. said...

That's so sweet and cute! They must've wanted each others company. :)