Weekend was so nice, a lot of "family time",
 walks in the rain, walks in the sun.
 These poppies were so captivating, 
they covered a soil mound on a building site. 


Anna @sweet life said...

Wow, those poppies are truly fantastic! I love them! I tried to grow some on Charlie's balcony a couple of years ago, but we only got one or two. They look so great en masse! hugs!

Mi Joya said...

I love poppies!!! They're so beautiful and such nice shade of red...

helensarahvaughan said...


In My Wild Eden said...

Wow! Your pictures stunned me! The poppies are so beautiful against the blue sky. And I love how you named your post just "Poppy". It made me so happy. Perfect!!!

Valentina said...

Hello! Macs are fantastic ... They remind me of our Crimean Peninsula, where a child I was resting on the sea. thank you.

...tatjana... said...

poppys und wolken. immer wieder eine augenweide!

hast du lust beim kommenden drawing challenge mitzumachen? ich bin die hostess und würde mich freuen, wenn du mit dabei bist!

lieber gruß

Lily said...

I love poppies en masse. They are so beautiful red.
To bad buildings will replace the poppyfield soon.

Isidora said...

wow, so many poppies!