Last weekend I got some plants from my parents for my outside windowsill. It's so nice to finally be able to have some plants outside as well. Unfortunately the weather is so crazy that some of them already got killed by rain & wind. I guess this is life. I have to find out which plants are most suitable. Yesterday it was so cold that we had to turn the heating on, last Friday we had 32 degrees!


Mdmslle. said...

:-( Bei uns ist es das gleiche: einige Samen wachsen toll, andere gehen gar nicht auf oder die kleinen Pflänzchen gehen irgendwann ein, keine Ahnung warum. Dieses Jahr ist irgendwie der Wurm drin!

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

oh wie schön. ich drück die daumen damit dass wetter beständiger wird und keine weiteren babypflanzen opfer fordert.

Bellefleurdelis said...

the weather is just strange and crazy last weeks, let's hope your plants will survive, mine are doing good.

Anna said...

There's an award for you in my blog :)

cococita said...

It's lovely to see more glimpses of your place Claudia!
Looks like you live in a beautiful area, surrounded by some green ... It's nice to have nature so nearby!

Pink Ronnie said...

Your couch looks sooo comfy and inviting.
Just lovely.
Ronnie xo

Vesle Serena said...

Hello! I really enjoy reading your blog! I was wondering if you could please help me with the name of the first plant on the left on your second picture? I have been trying to find the seeds for it but its difficult when I dont know the name ! Thank you!!