Pillow cover

I have this fabric lying like forever in my fabric box and finally I used it.
Made a simple pillow cover for the living room couch.
Sunny was not always only helpful ;)
You can watch him here if you like.


blackviolettea* said...

video with Sunny verrrry cute!:))))

cococita said...

Hihi, loved the video :)
Enjoy the softness and the colours of your new pillow!

Lisa said...

Sunny is so relaxed in front of the camera, a real moviestar : )
I like the pillows!

Ilse said...

so sweet, love the fabrics too

Anna @sweet life said...

It turned out very nice! :)

Pink Ronnie said...

Your blog is so cute, so glad I stumbled upon it!
IKEA fabric is the best - love this pillow you've made!
Ronnie xo