My place


Since my very early childhood
I love the place called home. 
I love to travel and making tiny adventures,
but whenever I return to my place,
it feels so good.
One of my favorite things
when I was a child
was making a home within our home.
Was it in form of a cardboard house with my brother
or a house built of chairs, blankets and other things,
or I simply moved into the wardrobe :)
What is home for you?


Mi Joya said...

There's no place like home!! I'm just the samen, i love to travel but i always love to come home too!! Being with my favourite stuff in the house and my cats, i'm very attached to our house! Otherwise i would have move to France already ;-)

Oh no, i really hope your mail will arrive!! Cirque du Loesi sent me mail too around that date and it arrived at a total different adress! Even with my streetname & number right!! Luckily those people were honest and delivered it here. A package i sent to Chantal in the Netherlands didn't make it either... i hate it when that happens, we put so much effort and personal things in those letters, so sad they dissapear :(

Thumbs up Claudia for your letter!! I'll keep you updated ;-)

Mi Joya said...

And ahummm that should be 'the same' and 'moved' :)

demie said...

Dear Claudia,
Home for me is love, coziness and a kind of freedom.
Good to visit you again : )

Isidora said...

i guess i can make my home anywhere. a safe place where my loved ones are. and where i sleep peacefully.

helensarahvaughan said...

i used to build dens too, I love making my own home, I move quite a lot because of my partners job so have to remake a home quite often, one day I would like a permanent base. I used to imagine myself leaving home and pretend I was, in order to have my own place, I used to get a stick and tie a handkerchief to the end with things in, you know, the essentials, a book, some toys, maybe some clothes, some crisp, ha ha :)

bellefleurdelis said...

me and my twin sister both had our place in a kitchencloset we took all the pots and pans out of it and played in it...

Sara {Snövits äpple} said...

I´m think I´m just like you here. I really enjoy making little adventures- but it´s always so lovely to get home. I love home the most. Personally, I have a lot of problems being able to sleep when I´m not at home. I´m so highly sensivite to everything in my surroundings which often makes sleep difficult. But at home I sleep very well!

Lisa said...

I feel the same way, feeling at home is very important for me. I really have to feel at ease somewhere before I call it my home. Allthough that this got better when I got to know my boyfriend. Now I feel very much at home wherever he's around.

Mi Joya said...

The letter came today!! I was so happy to find it in my mailbox :))
Thank you so much, what a lovely selection of things you sent me, i'm a happy girl!!

Ilse said...

That's a good question. I'm not that stay at home, I can live everywhere, as long as I have my family and my stuff around me. But I know the feeling you're telling about qoing on holiday and coming home, there's no place like home.

Anna @sweet life said...

I'm like that too! I really love to be home and cuddle up, and to make it look and feel nice and cosy. "Home is where the heart is" :)

Mina said...

Such a good question.
I feel sort of restless after about 2 to 3 years staying in one place, and have been moving around a lot since I was a teenager. It's like I am still trying to find a real home (what's the proper word for "Heimat"?), but am making the most of the places I live at. Friends are scattered all over the world, which makes the world a littler smaller to me.
One day I'd love to come home to one place, with a garden and window shutters (of course). But I doubt I could really feel comfortable being in one place only. Maybe when starting a family, I have a feeling it could ground me a little.

PS: cardboard homes absolutely rock!

cococita said...

This sounds so recognizable to me :)
I am still the little child who wants to build little homes at my place: that's why the making of a doll house is one of my planned projects for our new place.
To me, home is coziness, warmth, the place where I can be myself, chaotic order, natural materials and last not but least the place where my books are.

karina nielsen rios, copenhagen, denmark said...

Home is where my heart is.