Clover leaf stamp

 Some clover leaves for today.
Emmel is having a give-away on her blog.
She offers to make a painting/aquarelle
inspired from a picture of your blog, if you win. 
Isn't that great? Go & give it a try!


Iva said...


cococita said...

So cute :)
Never would have thought of putting so much stamp on an envelope myself, but I like it very much!

Anna @sweet life said...

Beautiful, love the envelope with so much clover!

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

wie schön dein stempel
besonders mit dem echten klee zur untermalung!

Sanne said...

Oe, love this one, very very nice!

Mi Joya said...

Yay for clovers! That's a lot of goodluck on that envelope ;-)

Isidora said...

wow, so freshshshshsh!