Bird stamps + stationery

Inspired of the last visit in the park
I carved some bird stamps
and decided to make some green stationery.
If I have time again I definitely want to make more :)
{You can find it in my shop if you want some for yourself}
I often think about creating.
Creating makes me disappear.
No feeling of any need,
always so replete.
How about you?


[sen.siˈʝes] said...

einfach toll!
bin begeistert!

the Blue Rabbit House. said...

These are so cute! I love the green you've used as well. :)

Isidora said...

you already know i like them! ♥

cococita said...

I do have exactly the same feeling :) Couldn't live without it ...

Lily said...


kassiopaia said...

Ich mag den Vogel der da auf den Blättern schläft. Haste jut jemacht!

In My Wild Eden said...

You are such a wonderful artist. These are lovely! They feel innocent and happy!

Sewon said...

I'm loving the bird stationery! Ah, that's one of my favorite things about working with my hands to make something. :)