Snail mail

This pretty package comes from Mary. I've never got mail from the Ukraine before, so I appreciate it a lot! She was so kind to make me this pretty pink doily and next to other sweet things she sent me a hand-painted postcard which represents her style a lot. Very unique! Thank you, Mary, I will send you something back soon :) 
Another lovely letter from Lisa. This time she sent me neon handmade envelopes, a picture of one of her plants and this pretty orange flower fabric. I think I'm gonna use it for a pillow case for the living room :) I always love getting mail from you, Lisa! Thank you so much!

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blackviolettea* said...

uuiii!:)I really happy,that you like it:) I'll waiting with pleasure;)

Juultje said...

Beautifull painted card from Ukraine!! So sweet!

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

wunderschön die zeichnung!