Evening walk

After a busy day I always enjoy our evening walks the most. It's so good to step out of everything, breath fresh air and listen to the birds and trees. A welcome change to urban life and so important for me to keep the balance. And not only for me, also Sunny boy enjoys it so much more than walking on concrete & asphalt. Can you see him on the last picture? He nearly merges in all the dry leaves. 


Lily said...


...tatjana... said...

wunderschön! besonders der mond auf der baumspitze :o*

wünsch dir magische ostertage!


Mi Joya said...

Oh i had to look twice to spot Sunny!

That's why i like spring a lot. The evenings bring some sort of calmth, perfect for a relaxing walk!

Dawn said...

the moon shot - brilliant! i love it :)

cococita said...

I can relate dear Claudia! Love how the top of the tree seems to reach the moon in the second photo.
Enjoy your walks: for their relaxing and inspiring character!