Commissional stamps

Some commissional stamps.
The feather was for Lisa, I think I never showed it to you.
If you ever need a specific stamp, feel free to contact me. 


the Blue Rabbit House. said...

It must be so much fun to make these. :) Amazing!

Ilse said...

Oooh I love them. I've ordered also some tools for making stamps and I can't wait to try it also.
If you ever have the ambition to make a doily stamp, let me know ;-)

Lily said...

I am in love with the feather - it is so beautiful and fine!

Isidora said...

yes, the feather is so precisely made, yre you sure u use only hands and not the laser? LOL

Magdalena Nowak said...

die feder ist sooo toll!!!! wunderbar!

Snövits äpple said...

Claudia, I am going to commisson you to make a stamp for my online shop Snövits äpple! That is wonderful that you can make stamps like that. I am thinking I would like the name Snövits äpple, and an apple and a animal. Have to think about which animal. Probably a squirrel but I´m not quiet sure yet

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Eva: yes I really love carving stamps!

@Ilse: Thank you! I already thought of making a doily stamp, we will see... Have fun trying out to carve your own stamps!

@Lily: Thank you!

@Isidora: haha, thank you, that's a big compliment!

@Magdalena: Danke!

@Snövits äpple: I would love to make a stamp of your future logo! Just let me know when you know how you like it to have. Hug!

Snövits äpple said...

Hi Claudia! Yes I will let you know! I think an apple and a squirrel and the name Snövits äpple will be perfect. Will message you when I have decided :) Hugs Sara